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Bundesliga: Why are there so many Japanese players?

Japanese soccer fans are probably very familiar with the Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is considered to be one of the top leagues in the world and is considered to be a very high-level league, but why are Japanese players so successful? I'm looking for the reason.
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Serie A: Golden era and current unpopularity: Reasons for its decline

Serie A, the top Italian league, was once considered the best league in the world. The golden age won't last forever, but the reality is that even after falling, there are no signs of it rising again. Why did Serie A become so unpopular that it fell into decline?
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Premier League: Reason for so many games Big 6

When you think of the Premier League, you probably get the impression that there are a lot of very rich clubs. This is true, and since the beginning of the 2000s, Premier League clubs have continued to acquire large numbers of famous players based on their abundant financial resources. But don't you feel that there are too many matches in the Premier League?
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Spanish League: What is the difference between La Liga and La Liga Espanora? Introducing the powerful team

The Spanish League is one of the top soccer leagues in the world. When it comes to the Spanish league, Real Madrid and Barcelona may be the most famous, but the most exciting match is the clash between the two teams called El Clasico. However, the name of this league varies considerably depending on the person. Let me explain why.
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Is the J League dangerous? Why people say it’s boring

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Channels where you can watch live soccer online and on TV: Free and paid

You want to watch a soccer game, but you often don't have the time or the distance is too far to go to the venue. In such cases, we recommend watching the event live on TV or online. If you stream it online, you can watch it at home or whenever you want. We may also be doing recorded broadcasts, so please consider it.