National Team

FIFA World Cup past winners, host countries, top scorers

The World Cup is a big event that is held only once every four years. For this reason, there are many matches that remain in people's memories, and many famous matches have been born. Therefore, we have compiled a list of past champions, host countries, top scorers, etc.
Europe League

Which is better, the UEFA Champions League or the World Cup? How to watch the tournament

UEFA Champions League and World Cup. It may be said that it is the ultimate choice, but which one is higher level? Discussions often occur. This may be a very interesting discussion for soccer fans.
J League

Eligibility to participate in the Emperor’s Cup All-Japan Soccer Championship and how to watch it

Although the Emperor's Cup is a cup competition, it is a very prestigious tournament in the Japanese soccer world. The Emperor's Cup has a much longer history than the J.League, and because amateur clubs can participate and it is a one-shot match, it is a thrilling and very entertaining tournament where upsets are very likely to occur.
J League

J League Cup: Levain Cup tournament format and viewing method

The J League mainly consists of regular league matches, but there are also League Cup matches. It's called the Levain Cup. However, I am writing this article for those who are unfamiliar with the format, rules, and even history of this cup match.
Net TV

Reviews and reputation of Amazon Prime Video How to watch soccer broadcasts for free

Did you know that Amazon Prime Video broadcasts soccer? Amazon Prime Video also broadcasts the Europa League and the J League Cup, so this content is recommended for hardcore soccer fans. Moreover, for a limited time on Amazon Prime Video, you can watch it for free, so we recommend it.