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DAZN allows you to watch not only the major European leagues, but also the J League, as well as live broadcasts of national team international friendly matches, so it is a must-have content for soccer fans. DAZN is highly recommended as it has a wide range of other sports content such as baseball and golf.


DAZN Company Profile

DAZN is a sports VOD operated by the DAZN Group. The site supports not only Japanese but also English, so the content can be enjoyed by people from various countries. It is distributed in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, America, Italy, Spain, and Brazil, so there are many different users.

Operating companyDAZN
languageJapanese English
Number of users15 million people
main officelondon united kingdom
Broadcast typeVOD
Number of employees

Rate plan

The following price plans are available. There are Global and Standard plans, and Standard has monthly and annual plans. The monthly plan is an easy plan where you sign up for DAZN on a monthly basis and can cancel your membership at any time. With the annual plan, you can reduce your monthly cost by paying for the entire year in one go.

DAZN GlobalDAZN Standard
FeeMonthly fee: 980 yenMonthly fee: 3,700 yen
30,000 yen per year
Number of simultaneous viewing devices12
Number of registered devices35
mixed martial arts
snow board
existing content

method of payment

There are various payment methods such as credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club), debit card, PayPal, mobile carrier payment, Google Play in-app payment, DAZN prepaid card, iTunes in-app payment, etc. It will be quite convenient.

100+ sports content

DAZN has more than 130 sports contents, and you can watch not only soccer but also baseball, volleyball, wrestling, golf, and various other sports live. In soccer, not only Japan’s J1, but also all J2 and J3 matches will be exclusively streamed.

DAZN annual viewing pass

As a system to support the J League, DAZN has teamed up with the J League to sell a limited number of “DAZN Annual Viewing Passes”. DAZN annual viewing passes can be purchased at J League clubs, and the purchasing method differs depending on the club. Please contact the J Club website or the club.

missed delivery

DAZN has a variety of live broadcast content, and there are also missed broadcasts. If you fall asleep and miss the match, we recommend streaming the missed match. You can rest assured even if you can’t watch the match due to timing. Also, highlights will be created a few hours after the broadcast and you can watch them.

corresponding device

It is compatible with a wide variety of devices such as TVs, tablets, and smartphones, so you can basically watch it on all media. It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy watching sports with family and friends, as it allows you to log in on multiple devices.

Download function

DAZN does not have a function to download videos and cannot be viewed offline. In other words, you cannot download videos to your smartphone and watch them. DAZN also does not have a recording function.

Soccer content available on DAZN

The soccer programs that can be viewed are listed below.


J league

J League allows you to watch all professional league matches from J1 to J3. J.League can only be watched on DAZN, so subscribing is a must for fans.

national team

You can watch the Under Generation World Cup on DAZN. You can also watch the U23/U20/U17 Asian Cup, AFC Asian Qualifiers, Men’s and Women’s Asian Cup, and the U20/U17 Women’s Asian Cup.

la liga

La Liga is a game in the first division of the Spanish league. If you are interested in Real Madrid or Barcelona, it is a must to join.

Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa

It is highly recommended for fans of Italian soccer, as you can watch not only Serie A, Italy’s league matches, but also cup matches.

Ligue 1

You can also watch French league matches on DAZN. You can watch matches from powerful teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille, and Lyon.

belgian league

The Belgian league has become a popular league in recent years, with many Japanese players playing in it. The Belgian league is minor, but you can watch it on DAZN.

portuguese league

The Portuguese league is a relatively minor league, but it can be viewed on DAZN.

DAZN reviews and reputation

We have collected reviews and reputations of DAZN from everyone.

As of 2023/09/01, the system was such that the “cancellation button” did not appear…
If you use a smartphone, you can’t cancel the subscription from the app, and if you use a PC, the cancellation button doesn’t appear.

The user connects to the chat and persistently refuses to cancel, asking, “Would you like to sign up for another yearly contract without canceling?”
I finally canceled the contract even though it took away my time. It’s too bad. . What do you think of consumers? ? ?

Under this situation, consumers with limited information cannot cancel their contracts on their own.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

After much struggle, I joined the monthly plan of 3,700 yen on 20230901 with the intention of visiting the stadium. When I tried to cancel the contract immediately, this was the most unfriendly guidance. It is difficult for old people to understand that the cancellation procedure differs depending on the payment method. The best part was, the next day, I received an email thanking me for joining the annual plan. I managed to get them to cancel via chat (apparently they made a mistake while canceling), but I think the reviews are accurate. I saw no future for this company.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

I am a fan of the Pacific League professional baseball team.
I would like to write this down for those who are fellow Pacific League fans who would like to only watch interleague games in the future.

I subscribed to DAZN just to watch interleague games hosted by the Central League, and tried to cancel my subscription after the subscription ended.
・You cannot cancel your membership by yourself and need to contact the person in charge via chat
・Even though you have indicated your intention to withdraw, the person in charge recommends re-contracting or changing your contract multiple times.
・The entire withdrawal procedure takes a total of 25 minutes.
・One month’s fee will be charged from the time of cancellation.
It was an incredible specification.
Aside from this,
・You can watch the stream for 30 days after canceling your membership.
So, you should take advantage of this.

If you only want to use the service for a short period of time, such as during an exchange game in professional baseball, it would be best to “register and cancel your membership immediately.”

I was able to watch F1 for the first time in a while, which I had only watched as a child, so my satisfaction level with the content was not that low.
However, the system regarding withdrawal is the worst.
Therefore, two stars.

that’s all.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

I used to pay monthly, but after signing a contract through the J League, I had to pay annually. I didn’t purchase it through J League this time, so when I tried to change to the annual plan, the screen as explained didn’t appear. I received an invitation via email to get a discount if I paid annually, so when I clicked on the “From here” button, I was taken to a screen asking me to enter a gift code and I was unable to sign the contract. If things continue as they are, the increased monthly payments will become compulsory, so I canceled the contract. The ways to join are too diverse and complicated. Also, it is not easy to change subscription information, and I wonder if that is not the case with the Japanese system.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

In conclusion, it’s not what I saw.
DAZN is the only one that allows you to send small frames, especially in a communication environment that does not cause any inconvenience with other videos.
On top of that, there’s a huge price hike. Do you think users will follow? I’ll follow you. This is because it is exclusive distribution content.
I want them to withdraw from the business immediately because they are distributing the content and the ability to attract entertainment for related competitions is decreasing.
Having said that, the reason why I gave the lineup a rating of 3 is that there is content that cannot be seen anywhere else.
I can’t stop feeling disdain for this business style, which can only be seen as a blasphemy against sports and intellectual property.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

I love using it because I can watch the Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga at a cheap price, and the program schedule is easy to see. However, as someone who has always enjoyed CL’s content, I can’t understand why I suddenly can’t watch it anymore. Furthermore, isn’t it a dirty practice to delete content without notifying users at all? I think this should be explained properly, and it feels like a slight scam. Also, personally, I wish they would have put more effort into acquiring broadcast rights for the Euros and Copa America, rather than the Belgian league or Turkish league. Well, I think it was the result of not being able to do that. Honestly, I’m thinking about canceling my contract and signing with WOWOW. Anyway, I want to see Euro and CL.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

I used to watch DAZN because I like the Champions League (CL) soccer game.
However, it seems that DAZN has relinquished the broadcast rights to CL due to the influence of the coronavirus.
That in itself is unavoidable, but is it possible to say that the company’s response to this, by not touching anything within the service and just quietly deleting the content, is addressing the needs of users who look forward to sports?
The sudden disappearance of content you loved is the same as no longer offering a product.
On the other hand, I thought that the way an organization is set up is really not in keeping with the times, with no announcements being made and the news being relayed first.

DAZN-ダゾーンの口コミ・評判 | みん評 (minhyo.jp)

How to join DAZN

To join DAZN, first click on the link below.


The default is Japanese, so you can change the language if necessary. You can change the language by scrolling down the screen.

Source : https://www.dazn.com/

Joining begins by pressing the yellow button. Create an account and complete the payment procedure.

Source : https://www.dazn.com/

How to withdraw

You will need to complete the procedure from My Account. For more details, please refer to the links below that explain how to cancel each monthly plan and annual plan.


When canceling a monthly plan, there is a 30-day notice period for cancellation. If you complete the withdrawal procedure on November 15th, the withdrawal notice period will run until December 14th, 30 days after that date, and your account will be canceled on the 31st day. If you are using an annual plan, you can cancel your membership at any time. Even after completing the withdrawal procedure, you can cancel your membership until the viewing period ends.