Euro (UEFA European Championship) past champions and top scorers

National Team

Do you know about the tournament called Euro? The Euro is a famous tournament that is sometimes said to be of a higher level than the World Cup. As the name suggests, the Euro is a tournament in which the national teams of European countries compete to determine the champion. This tournament is generally held after each country’s league matches have finished.


What is the euro?

The Euro is a soccer championship tournament for European countries organized by the European Football Federation. This tournament was first held in 1960, and in some ways it attracts more attention than the World Cup, as the European continent itself has the highest level of competition in the world. However, this tournament does not mean that European countries can participate unconditionally. The Euro is not held every year, but only once every four years.

Holding method

In order to participate in this tournament, you must first compete in the qualifying rounds. The qualifying period lasts for about a year, with groups being formed and playing round-robin home and away matches, with the first place participating in the final tournament, and the second place going through a play-off with other groups to decide the winner and participate in the final tournament. I can. In the first round of this tournament, 24 teams were divided into 6 groups of 4 teams each, and a round robin league match was held once, with the 16 teams that finished second in each group advancing to the final tournament. Additionally, the top 4 teams from the 3rd place teams in each group will advance. After that, it will be a tournament match and a one-shot match.

Number of wins in history

Germany has the most wins.


Past champions and top scorers

YearHost CountryWinning CountryTop scorer
1960FranceRussiaValentin Ivanov
Victor Poneldelnik
Dražan Jerkovic
Milan Galic
François Hout
1964SpainSpainChus Pereda
Novak Dejer
Bene Ferenc
1968ItalyItalyDragan Jaic
1972BelgiumGermanyGerd Muller
1976YugoslaviaCzechoslovakiaDieter muller
1980ItalyGermanyKlaus Allofs
1984FranceFranceMichel Platini
1988GermanyNetherlansMarco Van Basten
1992SwedenDenmarkHenrik Larsen
Karl-Heinz Riedle
Dennis Bergkamp
thomas brolin
1996EnglandGermanyAlan shearer
FrancePatrick Kluivert
Savo Milosevic
2004PortugalGreeceMilan Barosh
SpainDavid Villa
SpainFernando Torres
Mario balotelli
Mario gomez
Cristiano Ronaldo
Alan Dzagoev
mario mandzukic
2016FrancePortugalAntoine griezmann
2020EuropeItalyCristiano Ronaldo
Patrick Thicke

Which is better, the World Cup or the Euros?

A question often debated among soccer fans is which is better: the World Cup or the Euros? about it. Personally, I think the euro is better. The basis for this is as follows.

Europe is the strongest continent in the world

Looking at the results of the World Cup so far, European teams are very strong. As you can see from regular players such as France, Spain, and Croatia, European countries are more likely to advance to the top of the World Cup than South America. In soccer, qualifying rounds are held on six continents, and the average level of the qualifying countries is higher in Europe. There are very few strong teams on other continents, such as Argentina and Brazil in South America, and Japan in Asia. In comparison, Europe has many strong countries.

Europe has the most talented players

As you can see from past world best players, South America and Europe have the most talented players. In the case of South America, it is limited to Brazil and Argentina, but in the case of Europe, there tend to be many excellent players in strong countries such as France, Spain, and Germany, as well as in Croatia, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Therefore, Europe has a much higher number of talented athletes than any other continent.

Enjoy the Euro by watching it on TV

The Euros is a very popular tournament, so there are many video services that broadcast it live. Let’s watch the Euro live as we introduce it in the article below.