J League: Why did Gamba Osaka become weak? The reason

J League

Speaking of Gamba Osaka, they are a famous team that has won the J League, won the Asian Champions League, and even appeared in the Club World Cup. However, in the 2020s, they have fallen to the bottom of the rankings, and there are many situations where they are demoted. Why is this?


What is Gamba Osaka?

Gamba Osaka is a professional soccer club based in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. This club has been a participating team since the beginning of the J.League and is one of the original 10. The team’s predecessor was the Matsushita Electric Industrial Soccer Club, so it has very strong ties to Panasonic, and until 1995, the club name was “Panasonic Gamba Osaka.”

home stadium

The home stadium is Panasonic Stadium Suita, which has a capacity of over 30,000 people. This soccer stadium is also a soccer-specific stadium, so it is popular with supporters. Until then, the Expo’70 Commemorative Stadium was used, but it was not a soccer-only stadium.

club mascot

The club mascot is “Gamba Boy”, an energetic soccer boy who fights hard to win victories, and is depicted in the shape of a thunderbolt with a fighting spirit and energy. By the way, the motif is a human, which is unusual among professional clubs.

Many titles won

Gamba Osaka is often said to be one of the strongest clubs in Japan because they have won so many titles. They were said to be a powerhouse within the J League, having won the J League, J2 League, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, Emperor’s Cup, and even the Asian Champions League.

Why did Gamba Osaka become weak? The reason

As mentioned above, Gamba Osaka has won numerous titles, but since the beginning of the 2020s, there has been a noticeable tendency for their results to fall to the bottom. In 2020, it slipped to second place, but since then, the lower seats have been reserved seats. Why is Gamba Osaka becoming weaker?

not popular

This can also be said for Cerezo Osaka, but soccer is not very popular in the Kansai region. Kansai is home to a popular baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers, but its soccer team rarely gets attention. The Hanshin Tigers have long been a popular team in the Kansai region and have many long-time fans, so their soccer doesn’t get much attention. One could also say that it has become weaker because it is not popular.

front error

Gamba Osaka’s front desk is notoriously incompetent. Although we are a team with financial resources, the manager keeps changing and the type of soccer we want to play changes quickly. I have seen many times that when a team thinks they are playing defensive soccer, they shift to attacking and end up failing. Without a clear soccer strategy, the team is operating on a haphazard basis, causing confusion on the field.

Struggling to acquire players

Due to Gamba Osaka’s incompetent front office policy, the style of soccer on the field changes from one to the next, making it difficult to recruit players. As soccer styles change quickly, many players are unable to adapt, and there are many cases of players transferring because they are unable to adapt to the game. The site is being confused by the front desk. Also, there aren’t many good foreign players in recent years. It’s also difficult that we don’t have any foreign players to form the core of our team.

defensive instability

Gamba Osaka’s problem is that their defense is very unstable. This point is especially noticeable since the beginning of the 2020s. Their ability to respond to counter-attacks and defense of set pieces is very fragile, and they often concede goals using this pattern. Gamba Osaka was originally an attacking team, but conceding too many goals poses a big risk. We need to improve the defensive power of the entire team. On top of that, their scoring ability has also declined, so it’s no surprise that they’re at the bottom of the rankings.

low number of points

Since the beginning of the 2020s, the number of points scored by Gamba Osaka has decreased significantly. The instability of the defense may be the biggest factor, but the number of points scored by Gamba Osaka is not that different from the number of points scored by relegated teams. They don’t have an absolute forward who can be the backbone of the team. The reality is that foreign national forwards have continued to fail in recent years, and we are in a very difficult situation. During his heyday, there was a player named Patrick who could keep the ball and do some perks, but he didn’t have a replacement.

Let’s watch J League

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