National team: Why has the Italian national team become weaker?

National Team

Speaking of the Italian national team, they were known as a regular team that always appeared in the World Cup. The Italian national team has a lot of championship experience and is definitely one of the strongest teams. However, since around the 2010s, the results of the Italian national team have not been as good as expected.


Italy representative

The Italian national team is the Italian national team formed by the Italian Football Federation FIGC. Their nickname is the Azzurri, and their uniform is blue. The Italian national team has won the World Cup and has also won the European Championship, so they will definitely be one of the strongest teams. The Italian national team is especially strong at the World Cup, which is held in Europe, and has won all four championships in Europe.

don’t like Croatia

The Italian national team is very weak against the Croatian national team. Although the Croatian national team is a small country, they are a powerhouse in Europe, constantly producing talent. The Italian national team has played against the Croatian national team many times, but they have never won.


The Italian national team is famous for their defensive style of soccer called catenaccio. They have produced many excellent defenders and goalkeepers for a long time, and are very famous as a team that plays defensive soccer, but since the 2000s, they have also started playing offensive soccer. It’s coming.

big 3

The Italian national team is said to be one of the top three players in the World Cup, along with Brazil and Germany. These three countries have won multiple championships and are always considered to be among the top in the world. However, Italy has become particularly weak in recent years.

Why has the Italian national team become so weak?

The Italian national team won the Euro 2020. However, more and more players are not able to participate in the World Cup. What is happening in Italy?

Decline in player quality

Italian soccer players reached their peak in 2006, and their quality has declined since then. In the 2006 World Cup, there were only top-class players such as Toni, Totti, Pirlo, Nesta, Cannavaro, Buffon, and Zambrotta, but since the 2010s, the quality of players has clearly declined. I understand. This has made it difficult for us to win either the World Cup or the Euros.

The downfall of Serie A

Most Italian soccer players tend to play in Serie A, which is also the world’s top league, but the important domestic league is in decline. Juventus has been in the top 1 for a long time, Milan and Inter have declined due to the introduction of FFP, and Roma and Napoli, which have risen in their place, are unable to win in the UEFA Champions League. In addition, the percentage of Italian soccer players in strong clubs is decreasing. Due to the decline in the level of the domestic league, Italian soccer players are no longer able to compete at a high level.

FW shortage problem

In Italy, there was always someone who was considered one of the top forwards in the world. Italy always had masters like Del Piero, Roberto Baggio and even Vieri, but they don’t exist anymore. The current forward lineup is mediocre in terms of ability, and can hardly be called a top-level lineup even in Europe. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Italy is arguably the weakest front.

Young soccer education

In Italy, young soccer players are hard to come by. It may be that Italy is focusing more on physical training than improving technical skills, but there has been a particular shortage of promising players since the 2010s. Even if a professional club selects players and has excellent technique, players who are short or whose bodies are not yet fully developed will not have many opportunities to play. Young players have no choice but to gain experience through rentals in the second and third divisions. In a situation where there are not many young players emerging, it will be difficult to strengthen the national team.

Watch the Italian national team

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