Serie A: Why is Juventus weak in the CL? The reason

Europe League

Juventus is said to be the strongest club in the Italian league with the most domestic league titles. The big three in Italy are Juventus, Milan, and Inter, but for some reason they have not been able to win the UEFA Champions League, and the reality is that they have only been runners-up. Why can’t Juventus win the Champions League?


Juventus FC

Juventus FC is a professional soccer club based in Turin, Italy. Founded in 1897, it is the second oldest soccer club in Italy. It is Italy’s soccer club with the most titles and is considered the strongest club in the country. The club’s income is the highest in Italy, so it is a club with great financial strength.

Agnelli family

Juventus is owned by the Agnelli family, and Exor, an investment company of the Agnelli family, holds more than 60% of the club’s shares. In addition to Juventus, the Agnelli family also owns Ferrari and other cars.


His nickname is Juventus, which means youth or youth. It is also sometimes called bianconero, which stands for black and white. Team colors will be black and white.

home stadium

Their home stadium is Juventus Stadium, located on the outskirts of Turin. Another name is Allianz Stadium. The capacity is approximately 40,000 people.

Why is Juventus weak in the CL? The reason

Juventus is an overwhelmingly powerful team in Japan. However, for some reason, in the UEFA Champions League, only the “runner-up” stands out. He has won twice, but has been runner-up seven times. What exactly is this unusual weakness in the finals?

1972-1973Ajax 1-0 Juventus
1982-1983Hamburger SV 1-0 Juventus
1996-1997Dortmund 1-0 Juventus
1997-1998Real Madrid 1-0 Juventus
2002-2003AC Milan 0-0 Juventus
2014-2015Barcelona 3-1 Juventus
2016-2017Real Madrid 4-1 Juventus

They don’t take many foreign players.

One of Juventus’ unusual weaknesses is its culture of not taking many foreign players. Although we often recruit foreign players, we have an unusually low number of big names. When it comes to the Champions League final, the performance of outstanding foreign players is a must. However, Juventus does not hire many talented foreign players. There is no doubt that this is an influence.

Lack of excellent forwards

This is related to the above, but traditionally Juventus does not acquire many world-class forwards. As a result, even though it is the best club in Italy, it still gives off an unassuming impression. If we were to win the CL, it would be an absolute prerequisite to have an unstoppable superstar, but looking at the helpers we’ve had so far, there are a lot of plain players that stand out.

south american superstar

Also, Juventus has not acquired any legendary star players from Argentina or Brazil. In recent years, they have had players such as Argentina’s Paulo Dybala and Brazil’s Daniel Alves, but they are not at this level, and unless they bring in Zidane-class superstars from their previous team, it feels like they are a long way from winning the Champions League title. Masu.

Decline of Serie A

Although this is a story limited to the 2010s, the decline of Serie A has also had a big impact. The trend around the world is that the Premier League is becoming more popular, with La Liga at its center. In Serie A, teams are inevitably treated as third-ranked players or below, making it difficult to secure talented players. As a result, even if they made it to the finals, they ended up losing by a large score.

There are no promising Italians

The Italian national team has been in a slump for a while now. The Italian national team won the 2020 Euro, but will not be able to participate in the World Cup. As the number of promising Italian players decreases, the foundation of the team is weakening. This is a situation that should be of concern not only to Juventus but also to other clubs.

Let’s watch Serie A

Serie A is a very popular league, and you can watch it live on a variety of video streaming services. We will introduce it in the article below, but if you are interested, please register.