J League: Why is the Nagoya Grampus mascot a killer whale?

J League

Nagoya Grampus is an Original 10 and a regular club in the J1 League. Nagoya Grampus cannot be called a powerhouse, but as you can see from the fact that they compete in the J1 League every year, their results are very stable. Why does Nagoya have a killer whale on its emblem?


Nagoya Grampus

Nagoya Grampus is a professional soccer club whose hometown is the entire Aichi prefecture in Japan. Nagoya is a club that has existed since the J.League was founded, so it is called the Original 10. Nagoya Grampus was founded in 1939 as the Toyota Motor Soccer Club. As you can see from this, Nagoya has a deep connection with Toyota. With the participation in the J League, professional players will now belong to Nagoya Grampus, and Toyota employees will belong to Toyota Motor Higashifuji FC.

home stadium

The home stadium is Toyota Stadium, which has a capacity of 40,000 people. There is another stadium, Mizuho Stadium, which also has a track and field track, so it is known for being very difficult to watch matches. Toyota Stadium is a soccer-only stadium.

club colors

The club color will be red. This is also reflected in the uniforms. The uniforms worn during home games are designed with a strong focus on red.

Team name

The team name is Grampus Eight,'' and the nameEight” comes from Nagoya’s city emblem, “8 in a circle.” Grampus is inspired by a horsetail. Because of this, other supporters often refer to Nagoya as “Shachi.”

Why is the mascot a killer whale?

Killer whales are said to be the symbol of Nagoya. Killer whales are animals of the genus Orca in the family Orcaidae. Killer whales have distinctive white markings and are large enough to prey on sharks. The reason why Nagoya has a shachi as its mascot comes from the golden shachihoko of Nagoya Castle. It is said that when Tokugawa Ieyasu built Nagoya Castle, he made a large and conspicuous golden shachiboko. Therefore, from this point on, the mascot also became a killer whale. The killer whale design also appears in the club’s emblem, and is strongly reflected in it.


Grampus-kun is the mascot character of Nagoya Grampus. His date of birth is 1993, and the design is reminiscent of a killer whale. Grampus-kun stuffed animals are a very popular item in Nagoya, and they sell very well. Grampus-kun is also popular with other supporters, so he sometimes appears as a guest at away games sponsored by other clubs. Currently, there are four members of the Grampus family, and in addition to Grampus-kun, there are also Granpaco-chan, Grampus-kun Jr., and Gurara.

medium power

Although Nagoya has been relegated to J2, they generally tend to settle in the middle of J1. If you win too many games, you start to lose, and if you lose too many games, you start winning, which tends to make you settle in the middle of the pack. This stable mid-range power has always remained strong, and although there are exceptions, we have produced results that have settled firmly in the mid-range every year.

Let’s watch J League

The J League has many thrilling matches, so it is a league that we recommend watching. As mentioned in the article below, you can watch the game on a video streaming service. If you are interested, please register.