Which is better, the UEFA Champions League or the World Cup? How to watch the tournament

Europe League

UEFA Champions League and World Cup. It may be said that it is the ultimate choice, but which one is higher level? Discussions often occur. This may be a very interesting discussion for soccer fans.


What is the UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League refers to the European continental football championship for club teams sponsored by the European Football Association. This is a match to decide the European champion, but in the current soccer world, the best players from around the world belong to leagues in Spain, Italy, England, and Germany, so it is actually a match to decide the world champion. It looks like this. The annual battle between the powerhouse teams of Spain, Italy, England, and Germany keeps soccer fans up at night.

What is the World Cup?

The World Cup, on the other hand, is a match between national teams to determine the best in the world. Teams are divided according to nationality, and each country’s national team competes against other countries’ national teams to determine who is the best in the world, giving the strongest countries an advantage. Unlike the UEFA Champions League, the World Cup is not held every year, but is an event that occurs once every four years, so it cannot be watched every year. In the case of the World Cup, you can participate in the main tournament by winning each continent’s qualifying rounds.

Which one is higher level?

Which one is higher level? Speaking of which, it goes without saying that it is the UEFA Champions League. There are various aspects to the level, such as the level of team tactics and the level of the individual level, but overall, the Champions League, which is a competition between club teams, is at the top. The rationale for this is as follows.

You can’t win unless you’re an excellent player.

Teams participating in the UEFA Champions League are basically limited to strong clubs from the top league. Most of the members of this powerful team are world-class players. For club teams, there is no preferential treatment based on nationality. Therefore, it is not possible to experience victory unless the player is purely based on ability, not based on nationality. The Champions League is much more serious than the World Cup. In the case of the World Cup, once you enter the tournament, your nationality determines whether you can win or not.

A strong country can win the World Cup.

On the other hand, in the case of the World Cup, there are inevitably restrictions on nationality. Therefore, a strong country can win even if it has players who are somewhat inferior in ability. Countries that can win the World Cup are limited to Western Europe, Brazil, and Argentina. Even if there is a player in these countries who is less talented than other positions, that player will still be able to experience victory. On the other hand, players from mid-ranked countries and below, no matter how good they are, are unable to win the World Cup because the skill level of those around them is low.

Team maturity

Unlike the national team, club teams usually practice together. Therefore, their strength as a team clearly exceeds that of the national team. Players spend most of their time with their club teammates, except during the off-season, so collaboration increases and the team’s strength matures. On the other hand, in the case of the national team, the period of time together is very short. In the case of national teams, they only have the opportunity to practice with other members before and after games, so their strength as a team is inevitably inferior to that of club teams.

the flow of the times

In the 1900s, the national team was clearly more important than the club. There were a lot of players betting on the World Cup, and many of them chose their own country’s club. However, nowadays, all the talented players from South America and Africa are moving to Europe, and with the concentration of competition in Europe, the value of the UEFA Champions League has become relatively high. In terms of financial strength, there is no place other than the Middle East that can compete with Western European clubs. European unipolarization will continue to advance.

The UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup will be held in the same year

The year in which the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup overlap is a very difficult year for top players. The European league will be tied down for about 10 months, and the World Cup will be held during the off-season, so many players will not be able to rest and their performance will decline. However, the reality is that there are many athletes who are unable to perform to their potential.

Players who won both races in the same year

In years when the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup overlap, the schedule is quite congested and tough, making it a very tough season for top-level players, but in fact, the team won both the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. There are actually some players who have lost it. Those are the players below. We have picked up players from the 2000s onwards. As expected, he will be a Real Madrid player. Real Madrid has won the UEFA Champions League the most times, and the players they play are also among the best in the world, so I will definitely focus on this team.

2017-2018Raphael BaranReal MadridFrance
2013-2014Sami KhediraReal MadridGermany
2001-2002Roberto CarlosReal MadridBrazil

How to watch UEFA Champions League

The following article introduces video streaming services that can be used to watch the UEFA Champions League. However, due to broadcasting rights, the same broadcasting station may not necessarily be broadcasting each year, so please check from time to time.